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CowCam Monitoring System


Have you ever wanted to check your labouring cows, horses or other livestock without disturbing them, so they could calve easier and quicker and you can go back to sleep easier?

The CowCam monitoring system is a wireless system that brings the video and optional audio back to the house for monitoring, so that you can go to the barn only when required, or at least with fewer trips.

CowCam 2.4GHz Video System
  • Colour High Quality Camera - 1/3"CCD Interline Transfer Charged Coupled Device (CCD). The camera uses a built in 3.6 mm lens to offer about 82 degree field of view, probably the best for all applications.
  • 1/3" CCD inside provides a high resolution of 420 T.V. lines. Ideally suited for barn applications as it operates in light as low as 1 LUX. C/W 26 Infrared LEDS which turn on automatically to give O LUX rating when on or can be turned OFF.
  • Contained in a weatherproof metal case with rubber gaskets Monitoring new calfand a high quality metal mounting bracket, for outdoor use. Forty feet of cable from camera to transmitter box.
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter is mounted in a Scepter weather resistant box, with a 1 meter 110 volt weather resistant rubber and a plug with mounting hardware.
  • Four channel receiver that uses RCA outputs to connect to your T.V. or VCR.
  • Comes with unconditional one year warranty and is guaranteed to work on your farm upon a telephone consultation!

The CowCam has many extra product options available, such as:

  • Additional transmitter kits
  • Optional audio
  • Remote controlled Pan Scanner
  • Additional cable and receivers available.

Shown with optional High Gain RX antenna and remote control






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